Squash at the Mtunzini Country Club 

Mens Captain:   Ian Thompson                                                                                                                                                                              Ladies Captain: Lynne Hathorn

The Mtunzini Country Club boasts a well maintained squash court it is well air-conditioned and has very good lights. The keys are with Jenny in the office or in the bar. A booking schedule is put out every week for Members to book times. Non-members can play if Members are not playing after payment of the user fee. Squash coaching is available. The Club has a first team currently playing in the 2013 Nashua Zululand Squash league and we are fourth in the current standings. 


outside squash courtOutside the Squash Court

 Squash Court Inside Small

View of the inside of the Court  

spectator view squash court

 View of the spectator viewing area